Our trademarked brand ACCESSDECK™ is a super strong and non-slippery panel system designed for your outdoor needs. From pedestrians to heavy duty vehicles, ACCESSDECK™ withstands any type of traffic!

Premium Plastic Panels


We are excited about our newest product, the AccessDeck™, developed in 2015! AccessDeck™ was created with our customers in mind. Feedback from our customers identified a potential gap in the market to satisfy their outdoor accessibility needs. AccessDeck™ is a great addition to our comprehensive array of accessibility solutions.

Premium Plastic Panels

AccessDeck™ (AD) is a high quality mat that is engineered to provide ground protection and to facilitate movement for both pedestrian and vehicular traffic across a large range of, otherwise, unstable surfaces (e.g. sand and mud). AccessDeck™ acts as either a temporary or permanent protective pathway, meeting any situational need.



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Manufactured to the highest standard

AD is constructed using a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) material recognized for its strength-to-density ratio. This material provides a firm support base and traction for a wide variety of recreational activities; in addition, its chemical and weather resistant capabilities, along with its UV protective additives, help preserve and protect AD™ from any damage or deterioration caused by outdoor elements.

Other additional advantages to using the HDPE material are as follows:

Easy to maintain and clean
Sustainable to temperature extremes
• Will not warp, rot, crack, or delaminate
• Anti slip patterns

The importance of versatility

ADA beach access mat texture

One of the most exciting features of AD™ is its reversible capability.
AD™ has a unique integrated tread pattern molded onto each side of the plate to serve a multi-purpose solution. This capability is ideal for situations where the need for wheelchair and pedestrian access is present; however, a rugged tread design may, at one point, be desired for vehicular traffic.

• On one side AD™ offers a wheelchair/pedestrian friendly, non-slip tread design to guarantee a safe and comfortable access way while still providing a traction-resistant surface for vehicles and/or equipment.
• The second design is our standard rigid surface that offers additional mat traction to the ground, helping to prevent mat slippage or spin out. This design is specific to larger vehicular traffic (i.e. machine equipment and ATVs).

Visually appealing

AD™ is the ONLY access plate manufactured in blue and in tan. The blue color of the mat is perfect for standing out while the tan color blends in nicely with its natural surroundings. The blue and tan colored plates are not only aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but integrates well with our beach accessibility roll out matting systems, which we also offer in blue and in brown.

New measurements yield great benefits

It contains 4 connection holes (one at each corner) and 6 additional holes that allow the panels to be connected in a variety of configurations.

• The standard weight of one panel is 69lbs (31.3kg).
• Each panel has a width and length of 4ft x 6ft.
• It measures 0.5in (12.7mm) in thickness.
• Handles up to 80 tons.
• It contains 4 connection holes (one at each corner) and 4 additional holes (2 each at the center of 6ft length side) that allow the panels to be connected in a variety of configurations.
• 7 years warranty

The dimensions of AD™, which are unique to the market, make it more manageable and transportable. The installation and removal process is both quick and easy and requires no more than 2 people to complete the job (no tools or machinery necessary!). AD™ consumes less space, it is easier to store and ship and, therefore, the overall cost is less.