Innovation against marine submersion

BumperBlade® is a unique “anti-submersion” system. Its originality can be found in its patented curve in composite materials which is able to resist and reduce the destructive impact of submersion waves. This system returns the energy of the waves by generating a return movement towards the ocean.

This “coastal airbag” can be deployed quickly. Removable, light and re-usable, it respects the ecology of the site where it is used. Its modular aspect enables it to adapt to a large majority of sites.

Positioned at the top of the beach, BumperBlade® modules associated with the BigBump® elements, make up a stable sturdy seawall. There is also an angular version called BladeAngle, which can be positioned at the extremities of a BumperBlade® seawall. The BladeAngle splits the waves in two and reinforces the overall support of the seawall.

Technical features

  • Composite material structure
  • Weighted by BigBump® elements filled with sand
  • Possibility to assemble the BumperBlade® elements together
  • A low ground surface footprint
  • Easy storage (stackable elements)
  • Easy storage (elements which can be folded and/or piled)
  • Possible customization (color, slogan, logo, etc.)



Proudly Made in USA