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What is a beach access mat, or a beach mobility mat?

Updated: Jun 11

Written by Sebastien RAGON on 05/20/2024

A beach access mat or beach mobility mat is a portable pathway designed to provide a stable, non-slip surface over sand, making beaches more accessible to people with mobility challenges, including those using wheelchairs, walkers, or strollers. These mats are typically made from durable, environmentally friendly materials such as recycled plastic or other fibers. They are designed to withstand various weather conditions and exposure to salt water without degrading.

Beach access mat at Vilano oceanfront park in St Johns County Florida
Beach access mat ACCESSMAT® by ACCESSREC

  1. Beach access mat surface

The surface of the mat is usually almost flat such as the non-woven polyester roll out mat or the premium composite plastic panels, respectively trademarked by ACCESSREC Group as ACCESSMAT® ( and ACCESSDECK®USA (, providing traction and comfort under the small wheels of a wheelchair when the area complies with the ADA guidelines. The mats are often colored (blue) to be easily visible but can be offered in other colors (brown or tan) to blend better to the surrounding landscape. They land a firm enough surface to support mobility devices and pedestrian traffic without sinking into the sand. ACCESSREC, nowadays produces its ACCESSMAT® with embedded non-slip strips every 4” of the way of the walk, guaranteeing superior safety of beach goers using the beach pathway. ACCESSREC also has superior bearing capacity due to the white flat plastic strips inserted into every pocket and other loops of the fabric.

Other surfaces offered by competitors have been highly uncomfortable for wheelchair users such as woven polyester materials which are designed as a succession of ridges, as well as plastic panels offered with awkward diamond or bear claws patterns.

Brown ACCESSMAT® new fabric
Brown fabric of beach access mat ACCESSMAT® by ACCESSREC
Tan fabric of ACCESSMAT®
Tan fabric of beach access mat ACCESSMAT® by ACCESSREC
Blue fabric of ACCESSMAT® by ACCESSREC
Blue fabric of beach access mat ACCESSMAT® by ACCESSREC

How do you connect two mats’ sections of beach access mats?

When connecting two separate sections of mats you must ensure it is done in a matter that fully respects the ADA guidelines to avoid any tripping hazards or any obstacles for a wheelchair crossing from one section to another.

Solutions offered by ACCESSREC Group just do that because of its high quality or compliant accessories / finishing. For example, ACCESSMAT® beach access mat by ACCESSREC is finished at its extremities with anodized aluminum connectors that are 100% ADA compliant. It is important to note that ACCESSMAT® does not require the use of any staples, stakes, or spikes to connect two sections together, avoiding any sorts of tripping hazard, divots, creases, or other liabilities. ACCESSREC has developed its own specific molds to produce its specific accessories here in the US and comply with the Buy American Act. They are made by ACCESSREC, 100% ADA compliant; therefore, no other solutions can pretend to be compatible with ours and customers should not try to connect products from various companies, opening themselves to liabilities. Aluminum connectors come with a five (5) years warranty.

It is of importance to select the right product / solution as other cheap materials pretend to be ADA compliant, when they create headaches and more liabilities for their owners.

Installation of beach access materials

Customer should first consult the installation sheet supplied with every order. Customers should verify the site / area complies with the ADA rules prior to installing any solutions. Installation of beach access mats involves rolling them out or laying them down from a beach entry point down towards the water or along a flat area of the beach. They are lightweight for easy transport and storage, yet robust enough to be used repeatedly. Beach access mats not only promote inclusivity by enabling more people to enjoy the beach but also play a role in environmental conservation by reducing the disturbance to the beach ecosystem typically caused by foot and vehicle traffic.

ACCESSREC has been focused on delivering high customers satisfactions. Please feel free to contact our experts at ACCESSREC.COM if you have any input to share or require any additional information for your project.


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