Grass Accessibility Mat – Polyethylene roll


GRASSMAT® is a heavy-duty rollout matting system used to protect, reinforce and stabilize grassed areas and soft ground such as sand, soil, snow, woodchip, mulch, etc. Installed directly onto existing surfaces,


GRASSMAT® is a cost-effective solution for a fast and efficient reinforcement and protection of field events, parking lots, pedestrian & wheelchair paths, emergency vehicles access routes and even light aircraft taxiways, etc. Its applications are endless.


GRASSMAT® provides safety over any terrain prone to becoming muddy due to continuous vehicular or pedestrian traffic. Its unique oscillated mesh structure improves slip resistance and traction by up to 97% compared to standard straight oriented meshes. It also allows grass to grow through the mesh holes making it practically invisible after only one week.


GRASSMAT® is the best solution to keeping grass healthy while providing a safer pathway to pedestrians, vehicles, wheelchair users and others that need an assisted access route.


GRASSMAT® is supplied in rolls of 3.3’ or 6.6’ wide by 33’ or 66’ long, in thickness of 0.55”.


Grass Mobility Mat

  • GRASSMAT® slip resistant is a cost-effective solution for:
    • Pedestrian & Wheelchair pa