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The Dissertation as a Continuation of the Scientific Path for an Accomplished Professional

Often the decision to obtain the status of a scientist appears in the course of work. Practicing masters suddenly realize that they can benefit society, the industry, improve the current state of affairs in it, solve an urgent and important problem, but at the same time needs to show and prove their proposal through research. In this case, a dissertation comes to their aid, while becoming a “new branch” in their development, both professional and scientific.

The desire to get this or that academic degree becomes a continuation of the scientific path, the desire for self-improvement and optimization of the surrounding conditions.

Titles after writing various dissertations

Moreover, if you have the title of “candidate of sciences” behind you and the desire to master the next step (“doctor of sciences”), the desire of an already accomplished scientist turns into a new “scientific journey”. Moreover, for this it is necessary to have a special pass in the form of a scientific degree “candidate of sciences” (documented!), a new dissertation - doctoral, new and relevant publications on the research topic, etc.

The requirements for a doctoral dissertation will be even tougher, which means that the "level of complexity" of the research will be higher. At the same time, this “qualification” will open up a lot of opportunities and privileges for the scientist: salary increase (additional bonuses), provision of consulting services to future candidates of sciences, the opportunity to participate in the evaluation of scientific works at the Discussion Council, gaining a new status and reputation in scientific and professional circles, etc.

It is important to note that the applicants for the "Doctor of Science" solve the problem of a global scale, conduct a full-scale study of a larger format (compared to the candidate's work), which means that their activities bring enormous benefits to the state and the industry as a whole. When performing scientific research, they increase the level of their competence, professionalism, and increase their scientific and other potential.

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