The WAVE BUMPER® is an innovative concept against the risk of coastal flooding. It is the first removable, quickly deployable, seawall protection. Privileged environments in which to live, coastlines are today the focus of many socio-economic assets and have in recent years united all those who wish to protect this exceptional environmental asset. However, it is a fragile, threatened interface, being irreplaceable national heritage. It has considerable assets in terms of lifestyle quality and economic attractiveness. Environmental criteria are evolving, in particular due to climate change. The potential increase in the sea level and increasing rainfall are leading to growing risks of erosion, flooding and marine submersion. WAVE BUMPER® is the answer to an international concern. This non-aggressive solution respects the ecology of exposed sites. This patented technology is based on a composite curve, which takes the energy of the waves and generates a return movement towards the ocean. Climate change and its consequences in terms of erosion of the coastline and the risk of marine submersion require us to take a new integrated approach in coastal planning. This crucial issue for the future of coastal areas and numerous associated activities, must be at the heart of action taken by the authorities. Our technology can be included in all the coastal programs and action plans which encourage flexible management:

⦁ Management of aquatic zones and flood protection
⦁ Flood prevention action plans
⦁ Prevention plans against the risk of marine submersion

The advantages of our innovation:

⦁ Adaptable to your needs: thanks to our wide range and customizable solutions.
⦁ Composite materials: the quality of the materials selected give our removable seawalls a high level of resistance against the destructive power of submersion waves.
⦁ Light, easy to handle: all our modules can be quickly installed and are re-usable.
⦁ A low environmental footprint: the removable nature of our solutions enables us to respect the ecology of the sites to be protected.
⦁ Optimized storage: solutions are proposed to facilitate storage of the elements.
⦁ Imagined, designed and developed in France.
⦁ Made in the USA.



An innovative concept against the risk of marine submersion.

Between the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2014, the storms named Sandy, Dirk, Hercule, Pétra and Christine devastated the Atlantic coastline with submersion waves, in particular on the Basque coast of France. That was when we came up with the idea to build removable seawalls to avoid further damage to coastal infrastructures.

Thus, WAVE BUMPER® developed the first removable seawall protection which is installed during the storm period and then removed to avoid degrading the environment.

« I wanted it to be totally removable so that it does not remain on the seafront and spoil the beauty of this beach in Biarritz. » – Romain Chapron, Founder of WAVE BUMPER®.

The idea is that a curve made of composite materials and weighted with re-usable sandbags, constitutes a strong enough shield to return the energy of the wave towards the ocean and diminish the impact of the next wave.

In comparison with a vertical wall, our technology limits penetration. It absorbs the shock of the waves and accelerates the withdrawing wave (called the uprush) which strikes and slows down the following waves.

There are many disadvantages of normal “hard solution” methods (like concrete seawalls, rock fills, spikes, etc.) which includes introducing permanent elements onto the coastline which are not part of it, making it more fragile and considerably spoiling its appearance. There are many examples of concrete seawall breakages. Indeed, as soon as we introduce a hard point into a perpetually moving ecosystem, the erosion process is accelerated, and the coastline becomes more vulnerable. In contrast, the composite materials which we use accompany the movements of the ecosystem without creating a barrier.

Removable seawalls from WAVE BUMPER® are particularly light and easy to handle. The fact that they are removable and quick to install, means that they have a very low environmental impact and that they can be installed between two tides.


The shape of the removable seawall as well as all the principles of WAVE BUMPER® have been patented.

WAVE BUMPER® is one of the companies in the ESA BIC incubation program with the European Space Agency and Aerospace Valley. The team at WAVE BUMPER® works alongside engineers, in particular, at ESTIA (Higher School for Advanced Industrial Technology) and start-up companies and local businesses to develop and validate the components of their protection system.

WAVE BUMPER® is a Global solution as it was imagined, designed and developed in France with possibilities of manufacturing in France and in the USA. The quality of the selected composite materials gives our removable seawalls a high level of resistance, enabling them to bear the destructive impact of submersion waves.

Within two years, WAVE BUMPER® has enlarged its standard range to offer, in addition to products for protection against marine submersion, a whole range of products to protect homes from hurricanes and flooding.

We can all recall natural catastrophes which have led to considerable destruction. Whether it be storms, hurricanes or floods, everyone wants to be able to protect themselves from these hazards.

This range was designed after Hurricane Irma hit the French Caribbean islands of Saint Barthelemy and Saint Martin in September 2017, causing around one hundred deaths and considerable damages. So, we designed a range of protection units which can be attached directly to buildings. They transform the house into a sturdy seawall during the period of the cyclone, while remaining removable. Over the past year they have been directly integrated in the reconstruction work of villas on the island of Saint Barthelemy.

Since then, we have extended our range to also include custom-designed protection against flooding, cofferdams.

These solutions are for public and private establishments found in risk areas (hotels & resorts, beach establishments, private properties, coastal buildings, etc.).

To define the right solution for a site which is particularly sensitive, our engineers carry out a series of hydrodynamic and mechanical studies. After this work, we define the dimensions and composition of the elements to be manufactured to protect the building in question. These studies consider transportation, anchoring and storage constraints for each element.



A solution designed to protect buildings

BigBump® is the first level of defense. These re-usable bags, weighted with sand, have been specifically developed and reinforced for coastline protection. They can be installed alone, in one or several rows according to the intensity of the expected submersion hazard.




Innovation against marine submersion
BumperBlade® is a unique “anti-submersion” system. Its originality can be found in its patented curve in composite materials which is able to resist and reduce the destructive impact of submersion waves. This system returns the energy of the waves by generating a return movement towards the ocean.



The self-weighted solution for protecting buildings
The BumperBlock® solution is comprised of a series of concrete modules with the same patented curve as the BumperBlade® elements with the same features.
These self-weighted, removable and re-usable structures are perfect when it is difficult to fill BigBump® units. They are ideal for beaches on which sandbags cannot be filled.



Innovation Solution against Marine Submersion
FenceBlade® is a unique coastal flooding system. Its originality is found in its patented curve. Made of composite materials, it resists and reduces the destructive impact of submersion waves. This system rejects the energy of the waves by generating a return movement towards the ocean.



The solution for protecting large windows and doorways in buildings
The FrontBlade® solution is specifically developed to protect the windows and doorways in buildings directly exposed to the risk of marine submersion and cyclone hazards.



Specific technology for protection of your windows
The FlatFront® solution is designed to protect the windows of buildings indirectly exposed to the risk of marine submersion and cyclone hazards.