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Blue Flag

Blue Flag

Blue Flag is a World-renowned eco-label trusted by millions around the globe. Blue Flag criteria include standards for water quality, safety, environmental education and information, the provision of services and general environmental management criteria. The Blue Flag is sought for beaches and marinas as an indication of their high environmental and quality standards. ACCESSREC Group is proud to have as customers many beaches worldwide that have been awarded the Blue Flag



BeachTech means increased recreational value for your guest. For satisfied tourists who look back on their holiday with pleasure and cherish the memories of their days on the beach. Because we are dedicated to this task: Cleaner beaches free of cigarette stubs, pieces of glass and shells, plastic bottles and satisfied guests through cost-effectiveness and efficiency in beach cleaning.

Sabrina's adaptive beach
Christopher and dana reeve foundation

Sabrina Cohen Foundation

The Sabrina Cohen Foundation (SCF) is a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to funding and developing adaptive fitness and recreational programs that provide a better quality of life for individuals living with disabilities. With the support from the City of Miami Beach, SCF has created an adaptive beach program that provides access to the beach using a platform of decks and mats over the sand, beach wheelchairs and specialized staff/volunteers. Adaptive beach activities include:

Access to Ocean/Aqua Therapy • Adaptive Surf/Water Sports
Hand-Cycling • Art Therapy Chair Yoga/Meditation

SCF’s goal is to provide fitness and recreation opportunities to all Miami Beach residents and visitors, regardless of physical ability, in a truly safe and welcoming environment.


American Shore & Beach Preservation Association

The American Shore and Beach Preservation Association was founded in 1926 by individuals who recognized the need for an organized effort to combat erosion, a serious problem in many coastal areas. Experience had shown that long stretches of shore were affected, making protective efforts by individual property owners or small communities futile. The expertise required to design comprehensive programs of protection was largely lacking. In bygone days, the needs of navigation were regarded as paramount and there was no redress available for damages to adjacent shores by navigation works.

Friends of Florida State Parks

Friends of Florida state parks

Friends of Florida State Parks, Inc., (Friends) is a nonprofit organization of dedicated members and volunteers who help preserve the natural beauty and resources of the Real Florida for generations to come. Friends support the entire Florida State Park system by: – preserving, protecting and ensuring accessibility to state parks – educating visitors about the value of state parks – encouraging community engagement and active use of state parks – providing financial support to supplement state funding Friends’ friendly message sums it up best: “Get a Little Park on Ya!”

Testeverde fund for spinal cord injury

Testaverda Fund for Spinal Cord Injury

The Testaverde Fund for Spinal Cord Injury, Inc. is a 501C3 federally tax exempt organization formed in 2003 as a means of raising funds for spinal cord injury research and providing community outreach and educational programs. The Fund is named after Joe Testaverede from Wantagh, Long Island. While Joe is lucky to be alive today, as a result of the injury, he is paralyzed from the waist down, and has lost dexterity in both hands. Joe is also the cousin of former NY Jets quarterback and Heisman Trophy winner Vinny Testaverde. The Testaverde Fund held its Wheels 2 Water surfing event at Lido Beach, New York on Saturday the 14th of September 2013. The company AccessRec LLC represented by Ed Welsh and Seb Ragon sponsored the event with 2 WaterWheels, floating beach wheelchairs. Paralyzed surfers had a blast surfing waves!

The Smile Beach Project

the smile beach project

Small Miracles in Life Exist (SMILE Mass) is a 501 C3 non-profit organization dedicated to helping families raising children or adults with disabilities enjoy happy, healthy memories through vacation and recreation experiences.

SMILE Mass strives to become the leading resource for handicap accessibility in vacation and recreation experiences. Please help us see our vision through.

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