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Accessibility to all outdoor recreation and entertainment


ACCESSREC LLC prides its business on affordability, quality, and efficiency. Although we strive to make our products the most affordable on the market, allowing more beach and park & recreation communities to expand their accessibility, we also maintain our expectation that these products be the best on the market.


To ensure high-quality standards, ACCESSREC LLC focuses on the performance of our products at every stage -from design to manufacturing and the ultimate end use. Key focus areas included durability, stability, and maneuverability. While our products provide all these things, the highlight is their simplicity.


We know that simplicity is essential for staff. Easy installation and removal allow our mats to be where they are most needed. Quick and easy removal also allows for storage off-season or in inclement weather, preserving the product and your investment.

Some of most beautiful views and most wonderful memories are beachside !

ACCESSREC is an American family owned business founded by Sebastien Ragon, his wife, Kristen and John Rafanello in Cedar Grove, NJ. The development of ACCESSREC was truly inspired by both Sebastien and Kristen’s passion for leisure and recreational activities, as a holistic approach for healthy living. Together, they formed ACCESSREC LLC, with the mission of providing safe, effective access to recreational opportunities for individuals of all abilities. From ground accessibility matting systems to wheelchairs, ACCESSREC offers a wide range of products to improve safe inclusion to recreation.

Let us assist you in making your areas more accessible for ALL by joining ACCESSREC LLC community!

Our History

ACCESSREC Europe – Europe headquarter


Our customers have quickly embraced ACCESSREC products. In response, ACCESSREC expanded internationally to appeal to its customers’ needs all over the world. Our successful products and customers’ satisfaction motivated Yannick Ragon, Sebastien’s brother, to implement ACCESSREC Europe. It is conveniently located in Nancy, France, at the center of Europe, to easily and quickly meet customers’ needs in Europe, the Middle East or Africa. ACCESSREC Europe offers the same wonderful range of products to improve safe access to water-based recreation. ACCESSREC Europe is proud to have many customers all over the world and hopes that you will soon become a customer of ours.

Sebastien Ragon

Sebastien has over a decade of experience in the water-based access industry. His expertise includes negotiating and collaborating with city officials, park managers, other government and non-profit organizations, as well as individuals, in the acquisition process to close deals ranging from $1,000 to $3.5 million dollars. His strong ethical approach of confronting any challenge continues to make him a great partner with distributors, agents, contractors and governmental clients. He prides himself on innovative thinking which has resulted in improving and creating new products nationally, as well as internationally. Sebastien has participated in several hearings with the U.S. Access Board and the American Shore & Beach Preservation Association to discuss and establish ADA beach access routes. His expertise, experience and sensitivity were invaluable in assessing the need for ADA guidelines which mandates access to beaches for all. Sebastien has also participated in numerous conferences, trade shows and trainings such as the ADA Symposium, National Recreation & Parks Association (NRPA), American Shore & Beach Preservation Association (ASBPA), to stay in the forefront of the Accessibility and Recreation Industries. Sebastien is always ready to roll up his sleeves to help clients with installations or to demonstrate the superior quality of AccessRec products. He values the feedback of clients first hand by being available in the field to assess immediate and future needs. Although, Sebastien began his work improving access for ALL in 2004, his personal experience of rehabilitating from a stroke in 2013, further sealed both his and Kristen’s commitment to therapeutic recreation and availability. Sebastien proudly attributes his recovery to his characteristic perseverance and hard work, and undeniably, Kristen’s dedication and support. This successful teamwork is reflected in their work ethic, creating the foundation of ACCESSREC LLC.


John has an extensive experience in the polyester matting Industry. John took over the family business, NJWC, originally established in 1959. John and Seb have been partnering to manufacture ACCESSMAT®, the world’s best ADA compliant beach mobility mats! John’s customer service is unmatched and his final product is always backed with satisfaction guaranteed.

John Rafanello / New Jersey Wire Cloth Company Inc.


ACCESSREC, LLC has been partnering with New Jersey Wire Cloth Co., Inc. to manufacture ACCESSMAT by ACCESSREC®, the world's best beach accessibility & mobility matting system - with people with disabilities at heart and beach staff communities in mind. In early 2022, ACCESSREC relocated to a 24,000 sqft. facility to meet its growing demand.

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