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accessdeck® blue


Excluding Sales Tax

Premium Plastic Panels

Weight 69 lbs - Dimensions 4 ft Width x 6 ft Length or 3 ft Width x 8 ft long

Weight 92 lbs - Dimensions 4 ft Width x 8' ft Length


AccessDeck™ was created with our customers in mind. Feedback from our customers identified a potential gap in the market to satisfy their outdoor accessibility needs. AccessDeck™ is a great addition to our comprehensive array of accessibility solutions.


Premium Plastic Panels

AccessDeck™ (AD) is a high quality mat that is engineered to provide ground protection and to facilitate movement for both pedestrian and vehicular traffic across a large range of, otherwise, unstable surfaces (e.g. sand and mud). AccessDeck™ acts as either a temporary or permanent protective pathway, meeting any situational need.

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