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WetMat® Pool Entrance


PriceFrom $1,119.00
Excluding Sales Tax

WetMat®: Outdoor Leisure Mats

Dimensions 33 ft Length


WetMat® is a general purpose, slip-resistant mat that provides safety and enhanced comfort to all users. As an economical solution to versatile areas that are prone to water exposure, WetMat® I is effective where users are either barefoot or wearing shoes. WetMat’s slip-resistant material makes it the ideal addition to increase safety around playgrounds, boardwalks & walkways, small craft boat launches, etc. Its lightweight material makes it ideal for easy installation and cleaning. WetMat® I can also be used to provide walkways in outdoor terrains that may experience moisture. As a general-purpose matting solution, WetMat® I can be applied to dirt, snow, mulch, concrete and wooden boardwalk as well as turf to add safety in outdoor spaces.

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