TerraWheels® all terrain surf wheelchairs, glide with ease over sand, gravel, grass, and other uneven terrains

Enjoy the outdoors with family & friends!


TerraWheels® is designed to maximize your Outdoor Experience. TerraWheels® gives everyone the opportunity to enjoy all outdoor activities to their full ability! AccessRec, LLC created TerraWheels® with the goal to provide the most versatile options for wheelchair users to experience the outdoors, beyond the beach!


Durability & Comfort of TerraWheels®

TerraWheels® frames are manufactured of aluminum and stainless steel, while our wheels are made of rubber. TerraWheels® features two rear swivel wheels which allow for easier mobility on any surface. TerraWheels® comes with brakes so that users are safe and secure while stationary. To maximize comfort for users, our product offers three options for reclining, a wide seating space and a footrest.

It is simply the most versatile & sturdiest all-terrain wheelchair for all experiences at the most affordable price!

Easy Transportation and Storage

TerraWheels® can fold to easily transport and store in small spaces. It is easy to assemble & disassemble without any tools.

Benefits of TerraWheels®

  • Rear wheel brake system
  • Rubber wheels (easy to repair as opposed to grey PVC wheels)
  • Aesthetically pleasing (colorful fabric and armrest) and wide back pocket
  • Accommodates weight up to 300lbs.
  • Back seat reclines & folds
  • Comfortable frame with widest seating capacity
  • Easy to push and maneuver through challenging terrain and spaces.