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WaterWheels® - Floating Beach Wheelchair

Water wheels are a floating three-wheeled beach buggy chair made of 6 different parts: the frame, the 2 armrests and 3 big wheels. It is a complete beach wheelchair kit.


Enjoy the water with family & friends!

WaterWheels® are floating beach wheelchairs that allows access to beaches and water

WaterWheels® is perfect for all beach floating wheelchair users and those with special needs. WaterWheels® is designed to give users the Ideal Outdoor Experience. With the floatable armrests and tires on the wheelchair, WaterWheels® easily transports you from the beach to the water! Enjoy the ocean or pool while relaxing in your WaterWheels® !

Safety first! Before the use of the WaterWheels®, please confer with your local lifeguard that weather and water conditions are appropriate for WaterWheels® use. Always use the WaterWheels® with the close assistance and supervision of an able-bodied user.


Why was WaterWheels® Made?

Recognizing the need for a more affordable and higher quality floating beach wheelchair, Sebastien has partnered with the company Sunny Castors located in Taiwan since 2006 to create to date the best-known chair in the industry: WaterWheels®, Floating Beach Wheelchair. The name Sunny Castors echoes as the highest manufacturing and environmental standards in Taiwan.


Conveniently store & transport your Waterwheels® !

WaterWheels® is composed of 6 different parts: the frame, 2 armrests and 3 big wheels, and is easily assembled and disassembled in a matter of minutes without any tools! The wheelchair folds to allow you to conveniently transport in any vehicle or store until your next use! WaterWheels® is the most advanced and the best floating beach wheelchair on the market.


Comfortably move from place to place!

WaterWheels® is a three-wheeled floating beach chair for handicapped individuals that is designed such that the user remains in a reclined position in an ergonomic chair. The WaterWheels® seat has 3 positions, one to transition the user to the chair and two to recline the chair. These are adjusted by pulling a chain on the back for use and floating.

Best Floating Wheelchair on the Market!

This is the ONLY floating beach chair that successfully passed the dimensional, performance, static, impact and fatigue tests according to RESNA WC-1:2009.

Good to Know


December 2014
The Branch Chief of the FDA Office of Device Evaluation at the Center for Devices and Radiological Health confirmed our ability to market and sell WaterWheels® in the United States.

October 2014 

Despite the ongoing inquiry into whether FDA clearance was required, AccessRec nonetheless proceeded to test its WaterWheels® with an independent lab in the United States. WaterWheels® successfully passed dimensional, performance, static, impact and fatigue testing according to RESNA WC-1:2009 standards.

August 2013 

As a new product to the market, AccessRec was informed that our WaterWheels® needed clearance from the FDA prior to marketing. During our inquiry into whether FDA clearance was in fact required, AccessRec temporarily halted the sales of its WaterWheels® in the United States.

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