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A solution designed to protect buildings

BigBump® is the first level of defense. These re-usable bags, weighted with sand, have been specifically developed and reinforced for coastline protection. They can be installed alone, in one or several rows according to the intensity of the expected submersion hazard.

They can also be combined with BumperBlade® units made from composite materials to stabilize the seawall. In addition, they can be used to strengthen cofferdams to protect buildings against flooding.

Filling the BigBump® is done with a hoisting machine equipped with a funnel. This action can be done directly on-site. Our BigBump® products are available in two versions: the classic one or one with an evacuation system at the bottom.



  • Polypropylene structure

  • A low ground surface footprint

  • Optional funnel

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Possible Customization

  • Color, slogan, logo, etc.



  • Double thickness of fabric for increased resistance

  • A closing cover to enable geometric support

  • Four lifting straps integrated into the structure of the bag


Easy storage 

(elements which can be folded and/or piled)

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