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The solution for protecting large windows and doorways in buildings

The FrontBlade® solution is specifically developed to protect the windows and doorways in buildings directly exposed to the risk of marine submersion and cyclone hazards.

This innovation consists of a series of modules designed and manufactured individually, which are placed against the facade of the building. The modules transform the building into a sturdy seawall during the period of the cyclone, while remaining removable and re-usable.

During an event which creates submersion waves, the FrontBlades® absorb and diminish the power of the waves. Just like BumperBlade® technology, the patented curve from WAVE BUMPER returns the mass of water towards the ocean to diminish the power of the next wave.

They can constitute a full shield concealing all the building’s openings (bay windows, doors, windows, etc.).



  • Structure in composite materials

  • Attached to the building

  • Possible mounting of the FrontBlade® elements together

  • Modules with shape memory


Possible customization

Color, slogan, logo, etc.


A low ground surface footprint




Resistant to impacts from floating debris

Easy storage

Stackable elements

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