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Hippocampe®  - Wheelchair for Pool and Beach that is an All-Terrain wheelchair

Leisure activities everywhere and for everyone!


Whether you are at the beach or a pool, now you can enjoy the water with family & friends!


The Hippocampe® Beach & All-Terrain and Swimming Pool accompanies you through all your outdoor activities. Versatile and comfortable, it adapts to your activities so you can enjoy moments of relaxation and sharing with your relatives and friends.

Thanks to its many options for comfort and leisure, the Hippocampe® becomes a true companion to reach all terrains.

Enjoy hikes in the mountains or through forests and beaches, swims and walks in the snow, discover new horizons!



Seat : Comfortable hydrophobic foam (3cm thickness) covered by black fabric which dries quickly and avoids skin problems.

Anti-freezing Cover: Comfortable and resistant it protects the user from cold and rain.

Protective Nets: Adapt between the seat and the armrests or the footrest to protect the hands and feet of the user.

Parking Brakes: Rotating and rustproof, they immobilize the wheelchair on an incline and facilitates transfers.

Transport Bag: The transport bag protects your wheelchair during your car and plane travels.

Backrest Bag: The backrest bag allows for the transort of your personal items during your leisure activities.



Replace the double wheels with balloon wheels and facilitate the wheelchair's mobility on sand for adult users.

Make your walks on snow easier, adapt to the terrain and prevent accumulation of snow on the wheels with a Pair of Back Skis or a Front Ski. 



Adjustable Headrest - Adapts to the user's body type thanks to its height and depth adjustments.

Adjustable Back - Adjustable in height and incline, it adapts perfectly to the user.

Adjustable Armrests - Removable and rotating, they facilitate transfer to the chair.

Waist Belt - Optimizes the position of the user in the wheelchair.

Mixed Harness - In elastic neoprene, comfortable and water resistant, it facilitates the support and positioning of the user.

aquadic features

Aquatic Features


The Hippocampe allows people with reduced mobility to move around freely between changing rooms, showers, and pool areas. It can be submerged in water to simplify access to swimming.

Hygiene & Security

The seat and footrest cover is made of comfortable hydrophobic foam that protects its user. With easy maintenance, the Hippocampe can be rinsed and disinfected after each use.

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