Sand Fence

Sand Fence

We, at ACCESSREC LLC®, are proud to let you know that ACCESSREC Sand Fence is manufactured in the USA. Our sand fencing system is the ideal solution to create an artificial barrier of evenly spaced synthetic fabric erected perpendicular to the prevailing wind and supported by posts. Although we do not limit ourselves to sand applications, we would like to focus on where we are the best nowadays: our shorelines!


ACCESSREC Sand Fence is the best solution to:​

  • Keep sand off pathways, roadways, adjacent properties & buildings.

  • Reduce wind velocity at the ground surface.

  • Trap blowing sand.

  • Rebuild and nourish frontal dunes along coastal areas


Compact packaging: 13” diameter x 13” high bag for a 50’ long x 3’ high

  • Durable: Non-woven & nonfraying material

  • Fabric bottom flap = Does not require a trench

  • Fabric pocket for stake

  • Reinforced top & bottom



0.05Lbs / Sqft

Reusable & Recyclable

Easy & Quick Install

Low Maintenance

Made in the USA

5 Yrs. Warranty

Dimensions & Weights

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