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WetMat® – a mat for beach, grass and park walkway access



WetMat® I:
Outdoor Leisure Mats for beaches, parks, and walkways

WetMat® is a general-purpose, slip-resistant mat that provides safety and enhanced comfort to all users. As an economical solution to versatile areas that are prone to water exposure, WetMat® is effective where users are either barefoot or wearing shoes. WetMat’s slip-resistant material makes it the ideal addition to increase safety around playgrounds, boardwalks & walkways, small craft boat launches, etc. Its lightweight material makes it ideal for easy installation and cleaning.


WetMat® can also be used to provide walkways in outdoor terrains that may experience moisture. As a general-purpose matting solution, WetMat® can be applied to dirt, snow, mulch, concrete and wooden boardwalk as well as turf to add safety in outdoor spaces.


WetMat® II: Barefoot and Aquatic Recreation Mats

The ultimate sports and leisure matting for use in wet areas where barefoot traffic is extensive. Made from strong, non-porous PVC with channeled underbars, WetMat® II will automatically self-drain even the largest amounts of water. It is therefore perfect to dissipate a splash while installed around showers, swimming pools, saunas, hot tub and other wet areas.


WetMat® III: Heavy Duty Stabilization Matting

WetMat® III is a rugger version of WETMAT®I is a durable heavy-duty matting solution that increases safety and productivity once installed. This slip-resistant matting solution improves work environments in wide ranging recreational, commercial and industrial applications. This mat is intended to increase surface stabilization on any type of terrain, from pedestrian to medium weight vehicles. WetMat® III is ideal for boat launches, boat ramps and any other areas where ground stabilization &; safety is needed.

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