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The solution for protecting large windows and doorways in buildings

FenceBlade® is a unique coastal flooding system. Its originality is found in its patented curve. Made of composite materials, it resists and reduces the destructive impact of submersion waves. This system rejects the energy of the waves by generating a return movement towards the ocean. This removable “coastal wall” solution includes a patented curved composite panel and curved stainless-steel posts in which the panel slides easily in. Basis of the posts can be inserted to a boardwalk or cemented to the ground foundation. Holes on both edges of the panel enable users to quickly & safely secure it inside the posts by aligning them with the holes of the poles. Removable, light and re-usable, it respects the ecology of the site where it is deployed.



  • Patented curved coastal fence which absorbs and returns wave energy

  • Composite material panel

  • Stainless steel poles

  • Removable panel


Possible customization

Color, slogan, logo, etc.


Proudly Made in the USA


A low ground surface footprint




Resistant to impacts from floating debris

Easy storage

Stackable elements

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